A Few Beers with a Runner: Beat the Holiday Blues

Winter Beers

I know what you’re thinking… This was supposed to be a seasonal post, yet I managed to miss the fall…and summer.  But hey, it’s hard work remembering all these damn beers that I drink.  Just look at my profile on Untappd, I usually check in one beer then I get completely drunk distracted and forget to do the rest.  I have a short attention span – oh look, a snow flake…

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Turkey Trots & Trail Runs


Holy Thanksgiving Batman it’s time for turkey already?!  My favorite holiday has officially arrived.  I’m not sure that I’m ready for it, but either way…it’s here.  The cranberry, the stuffing, the gravyyyy…  It’s time to eat all the stuff that’s really bad for you and blame the weight gain on the winter weather.

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Is It Fall Yet?


Yea that’s right, I said it.  It’s been 90 degrees for way too long now so it’s time to bring it back to the 60’s.  Calm down Baby Boomers, I meant temperature…  I can only take so much of the beach, the sun screen, and the humidity.  Ahhh there’s nothing like that New Jersey air hitting you when you step out of the shower.  It makes you feel… well… like you need another shower.
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