L’Chaim Sucka!


Three weeks ago I mentioned that I had an announcement to make.  After I wrote that, I had a beer.  Then I had more beer.  Then I started working this awesome new job…  And, I totally forgot to post about my announcement!  With that said, I can proudly say that I am the newest addition to Shmaltz Brewing Company!!!

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The Life & Times of a Starving Artist

Happy Monday!  So who on the east coast is still shoveling out from that snow storm??  Snow days lead to me drinking, sledding down a hill like a child and losing my house keys along with my favorite bottle opener.  UPDATE: I went back to that hill TWICE to find those damn keys and guess what, I found them!!!  See, who says I can’t do the impossible?!

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5 Healthy Habits for Success

Coffee Success

Being successful is something that we all strive for.  Well… the majority of us, anyway.  Being healthy is another thing that we wish to do as well.  The funny thing is, many successful people consider themselves “health nuts.”  Not to say that being healthy will give you success, or vice versa, but we do see a small relationship between the two.  Bill Clinton, Jillian Michaels, Rich Roll, and even Gwyneth Paltrow are all known for (among other things) having healthy habits.  Here’s a few habits that I practice on a daily basis.  Although, I’m not that successful so you can take these with a grain of salt…

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I’m Not Afraid

So apparently I missed the Halloween bus last week…  Oh well.  I was down in Virginia taking some time away from the house, the cold weather, and all the pressure.  Yet, somehow, the dog still came with us…I can’t shake that little guy even when I try.  Anyway, this time last year I went to Virginia with some college friends.  I ended up breaking my foot after a night of boozing.  This is why the fiancé came this year and not my college roommate.

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