L’Chaim Sucka!


Three weeks ago I mentioned that I had an announcement to make.  After I wrote that, I had a beer.  Then I had more beer.  Then I started working this awesome new job…  And, I totally forgot to post about my announcement!  With that said, I can proudly say that I am the newest addition to Shmaltz Brewing Company!!!

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I Quit Deodorant (Sort of)

Soooo this is going to be fun.  I can see some of your faces already…  You are totally scared for what you are about to read.  Well, I was surfing on the internet for some funny articles a few weeks ago and came across this one on Huffington Post that was about applying deodorant and antiperspirant.  It was pretty interesting and it got my wheels turning…  For the remainder of this post I will use the word “deodorant” in place of “antiperspirant.”  Not because that’s what I wear, but, because nobody says the word “antiperspirant” in real life.

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Turkey Trots & Trail Runs


Holy Thanksgiving Batman it’s time for turkey already?!  My favorite holiday has officially arrived.  I’m not sure that I’m ready for it, but either way…it’s here.  The cranberry, the stuffing, the gravyyyy…  It’s time to eat all the stuff that’s really bad for you and blame the weight gain on the winter weather.

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