L’Chaim Sucka!


Three weeks ago I mentioned that I had an announcement to make.  After I wrote that, I had a beer.  Then I had more beer.  Then I started working this awesome new job…  And, I totally forgot to post about my announcement!  With that said, I can proudly say that I am the newest addition to Shmaltz Brewing Company!!!

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The Life & Times of a Starving Artist

Happy Monday!  So who on the east coast is still shoveling out from that snow storm??  Snow days lead to me drinking, sledding down a hill like a child and losing my house keys along with my favorite bottle opener.  UPDATE: I went back to that hill TWICE to find those damn keys and guess what, I found them!!!  See, who says I can’t do the impossible?!

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A Few Beers with a Runner: Beat the Holiday Blues

Winter Beers

I know what you’re thinking… This was supposed to be a seasonal post, yet I managed to miss the fall…and summer.  But hey, it’s hard work remembering all these damn beers that I drink.  Just look at my profile on Untappd, I usually check in one beer then I get completely drunk distracted and forget to do the rest.  I have a short attention span – oh look, a snow flake…

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New Post on Athlinks!

If you happen to be a runner, then you are most definitely familiar with the website Athlinks.  However, if you’re not a runner, this is a site that allows runners to find their finishing times for races they’ve completed.  If you’ve run a 5k over the last several years, then chances are there is a record of that on Athlinks.

They recently started a blog on their website.  This gives runners even more of a reason to visit their page.  I reached out to them a few weeks ago and they were nice enough to let me join the team!  Going forward, I will be providing them with a blog post once a month.  I hope you all will make your way over there to check them out.  Here is a link to my first post there titled, “Lagers & Laces.”  Enjoy!