So Who’s Thirsty?

I’m dedicating this page to beer… Water.  Malt.  Hops.  Yeast.


When I first started this site, I wanted this section to be beer reviews that I would conduct.  However, as I’ve been coming up with new ideas and tweaking old ones, I felt that a “review” was not the way to go.  I’m not a beer snob or a critic.  When I sip on a beer, I can’t tell you that it has floral notes of happiness with a hint of burnt toast & ripe banana.  What I can tell you though, is what beers I really enjoy and why.  I can maybe even pair them up with a good dish for dinner.

So, there will be no reviews or ratings on certain beers when I post here.  It’s not my job to bash somebody’s hard work that went into creating the beer itself.  With that said, check out some of my favorite recommended ones below!

Elysian – “The Immortal IPA”

Bells – “Special Double Cream Stout”

Flying Fish – “NJ 350 Anniversary Ale”


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