About Me

So, you’re interestRunninged in who I am and what this page is?!  Well, to start things off, my name is Joe and over the last year or so my life has been drastically changing… actually IMPROVING is a better word for it.  I’ve changed my diet lifestyle by increasing the intake of REAL WHOLE FOODS… and guess what?  I feel fantastic!

I’ve always considered myself an extremely active person with a specific LOVE for running, but also enjoying biking, hiking, camping, etc.  I enjoy being out and about, exploring Snow Coldnew things, meeting new people and conquering new challenges!

A major focus of mine is living a healthy lifestyle and that starts with NUTRITION.  This can open so many doors to a wonderful life.  I take pride in what I cook and eat on a daily basis.  I do eat partially vegan, but have not made the full switch over as of yet.

Besides nutrituon and exercise, I enjoy photography, writing my thoughts down on paper, and long walks on the beach (obviously…).  I feel that many of life’s moments can be captured in the snap of a photo and shared for ages.  Pictures share the same power as a song many times, bringing me back to a certain point and time in my life.


So if you took the time to read all that, you have to be asking where the whole LUSH part comes into play, right?!  Well, simply put, I love beer!  Call me what you want, beer lover, geek, etc, but I drink good beer and I enjoy myself.  A big part of being healthy and happy is enjoying what life has to offer.  I plan to share with everybody my favorite types, delicious food pairings, recipes and events taking place to try great beer.  Oh and the best part… I brew my own as well so that could really getphoto interesting.

The Health Lush has a little something for everybody and I can’t wait to share my experiences with all of you.  Cheers!

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