L’Chaim Sucka!


Three weeks ago I mentioned that I had an announcement to make.  After I wrote that, I had a beer.  Then I had more beer.  Then I started working this awesome new job…  And, I totally forgot to post about my announcement!  With that said, I can proudly say that I am the newest addition to Shmaltz Brewing Company!!!

It’s crazy to think where this road has taken me.  I started this blog in December of 2013 – and quit my full time job less than a year later.  I knew that what I was doing as my “career” wasn’t satisfying.  As luck would have it (or maybe it’s because I hang out at bars a lot), I met the sales rep for Flying Fish Brewing Company at a bar one night.  I found out they were looking for some part-time help.  So, I began working for them twice a month.  This lasted for a year and a half as my role increased to holding tastings at stores several times a month.  I have to thank them tremendously for the opportunity and experience in the craft beer world.

Determined to pursue my passion, I continued writing and pushing to have my articles read.  Apparently I’m pretty good at it because I’ve landed a few gigs in some major magazines.  Unfortunately, writing pays the same amount as begging on the F train – possibly less.  Let’s face it, some of those guys can sing their asses off.

I wanted to find a way to combine my love for beer, running, and writing.  I also needed to network as much as possible.  I approached River Horse Brewing Company and asked them to help me start a running club that began and ended at their brewery.  They had a large enough platform, made awesome beer, and it gave me the opportunity to write about the runs.  Shout out to them for allowing me that opportunity.  I recently stopped holding the runs there, but I guess all good things must eventually come to an end.  In May of last year I started working at the New Jersey Running Company in Hoboken, which only solidified my running and beer obsession.  By the way, I’m keeping my job there because my discount is too damn good and I just received a promotion!

More recently, I had a short stint as a bartender at a local bar.  The money was good, however, I quickly realized that I like to drink WAY too much to stay sober and serve other people alcohol.  That’s like watching somebody eat a cheese steak in front of you when you haven’t eaten in days…  Well, now I can officially say I work for a brewery.  I’ll be shit talkin’ and slinging beer for a living!!

I feel like this one is for everybody who said I wouldn’t make it.  “You’re crazy for leaving the corporate world, you’re making a terrible decision,” they said.  For a while I actually believed them.  Especially when I suffered many setbacks and failed to really make a splash in my field.  But lately things are looking up.  I’m hoping I found my place this time.

Business Card

Now, on to Shmaltz Brewing Company.  I’m the NY / NJ Sales and Marketing Rep.  Or as I like to call it, “Ales & Marketing.”  This is right up my alley because I get to talk about beer all day long.  For those of you not familiar with Shmaltz, I will give you a quick background.  They are a brewery located Upstate NY in a town called Clifton Park.  They are responsible for the brand “Hebrew,” which has been around for 20 years now.  And if you haven’t noticed yet, the owner is Jewish.  Oh, and their beer is delicious. 

They are responsible for beers like Hop Manna, RIPA on Rye, Funky Jewbelation, and most recently, Circum Session Ale.  I know you’re thinking that I’m joking with these names – but I’m not.  How about our 12 pack which features 3 styles of Hop Manna, fittingly named “Mannage a’trois.”


In all seriousness, I just want to say how happy I am to be a part of such a fun and crazy company.  They’ve welcomed me with open arms with their lively personalities and I think I will fit right in.  It really goes to show that if you keep pressing, something good has to happen eventually.  I can see myself being very successful here and I’m sure I will have plenty of firepower to write new and hilarious blog material.  Make sure you ask for Shmaltz at your local liquor store, bottle shop, and watering hole.  If you don’t see it, let me know!!  Until next time… L’chaim sucka!

Circum Session

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