The Life & Times of a Starving Artist

Happy Monday!  So who on the east coast is still shoveling out from that snow storm??  Snow days lead to me drinking, sledding down a hill like a child and losing my house keys along with my favorite bottle opener.  UPDATE: I went back to that hill TWICE to find those damn keys and guess what, I found them!!!  See, who says I can’t do the impossible?!

I had to take a brief hiatus here because I was too busy shoveling a path from my door to the sidewalk so I can safely leave my house.  Good thing the snow couldn’t stop me from getting off the couch and making my way to the refrigerator for a beer.  Before the blizzard, my fiancé told me to go to the store and stock up just in case we got snowed in.  I came back with four different types of alcohols, eggs, and chips with salsa.  Essentials.  


Being snowed in gave me a lot of time to think.  Sometimes there’s a really big opportunity right in front of you – so close that you can touch it.  When you reach for it though, it blows up in your face.  I think the only way to respond to that is to keep moving.  I can sit here and bitch about it, but that usually falls on deaf ears.  Like my email pitches to editors <— Totally bitching about that.  

Last week I had to make a difficult decision in my life that made some people unhappy.  Some questioned why I would walk away from something that was going so well.  Something I started from scratch.  Unfortunately, there are times when life puts you in an awkward position and you have to make a choice.  I didn’t make that choice out of bitterness or revenge.  I made it because it was best for Joe, bottom line.

One of my old bosses used to ask me on a daily basis, “Are you happy?”  I thought about that last week when I made this decision.  Sure, it sounds a little selfish but, ultimately, that’s what is most important.  Are YOU happy?  If not, then move on.

Speaking of that, I was featured in Draft Magazine two weeks ago.  A columnist from them (The Beer Runner) reached out to me for a feature on his blog.  Being in Draft Magazine marks the THIRD time that I have been in a major publication.  Oddly enough they are my three favorite magazines.  (Trail Runner Magazine & Thrillist are the other two).  That’s a huge accomplishment as a writer!!  There are writers out there that will NEVER be featured in their personal favorite publications.  Yet, I still can’t find steady work as a writer… I’m like the most successful failure in the world.

My point is, you have to just keep pressing on.  I’ve made some huge leaps in the last year and I have a few more tricks up my sleeve for the upcoming month.  Eventually, somebody is going to see my potential.  I run a lot, I probably drink too much, and I tend to talk a lot of shit.  I don’t know what that adds up to as far as careers are concerned?  I don’t believe they hire professional assholes… on second thought, I’ve worked for a few of them.  And if those guys are doing well, then my time HAS to come!  

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