Is it Easier to Date a Fellow Runner or a Non-Runner?

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In my favorite movie, Without Limits, Bill Bowerman (Donald Sutherland) is quoted as saying, “Running, one might say, is basically an absurd pastime upon which to be exhausting ourselves.”  Let’s tweak this quote a bit and replace the word “running” with the word “LOVE.”  Does it still make sense?  You bet your ass it does!  Some would say love is a roller coaster ride, I would say it’s like a bouncy castle (because bouncy castle > roller coaster… duh.)  Either way, it helps when there’s a strong common interest.  When that happens to be running, sparks can fly!

As a runner, if you were to ask me “Is it easier to date a fellow runner or a non-runner,” I would have to say it’s absolutely easier to date a runner.  It may not be a NECESSITY, but, it definitely can make your relationship that much stronger.  Have I dated non-runners before?  Yes I have.  Are we still together?  No we are not.  Now, that is not completely because they were not runners (it’s mostly because they were crazy – but that’s an entirely different topic.)  But, having that love for the same thing can be reason for a relationship’s success.

In my personal situation, my partner is a triathlete and extremely active, but she probably wouldn’t categorize herself as a “runner.”  Just an active person with her health at the top of her list.  You see, that’s what drew us towards each other from the beginning; the common interest in health, nutrition, and physical activity.  We’ve had our share of rough times, and the love we both shared for running and exercise has helped us get through some of them.


Looking back on the last 6 years, I don’t think I could have made it this long with somebody who didn’t share my interest in something that plays such a large part in my life.  Would they have been able to take destination race vacations with me?  How about camp outside for morning trail runs?  Who would have driven me to my events at 4am only to stand in the spectator section and cheer?  Or listen to me whine about my nagging injuries, over… and over… and over… (do I really whine that much?)  The favors are returned of course, as I watch her jump in the ocean at 6am, thinking “better her than me!”  If my partner smoked cigarettes, played video games, and ate Doritos could she understand my passion for pushing my body to its physical limitations?

A runner understands why my closet is filled with more running shirts than button ups.  She understands why my toe nails look the way they do.  And, she also understands why my running sneaker collection is as large as her shoe collection.  We have similarities and we have differences, but, we have a bond.  We’re in bed early because she knows, like I know, 5am rolls around mighty early.  She isn’t afraid of suicide drills, box jumps, and 10 mile loops.  I love how her butt looks in running pants and she still loves me covered in sweat.  Oh, and let’s not forget about that “good stamina” aspect.

So yes, it’s easier for me to date a runner.  I would imagine this goes the same for anybodDSC01696y highly involved in an activity.  For those who love to dance and others who love to cook.  Whether they love sports or they love science.  She’s my Amy and I’m her Sheldon (for my Big Bang Theory fans.)  However, this isn’t to say that opposites don’t attract, or make great couples.  Or, that you have to train together in order to be a running couple.  But, the simple fact that we understand each other’s passion, makes both of our lives easier.


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