A Holiday Ode to the Brewers


America!  Or, as you college kids like to say nowadays, ‘Murica… Either way, this is the land of the free and the home of the brave.  This is the country that builds shitty cars, makes Twinkies, and watches Drunk History.  It’s only right that we should be brewing our own beer.  Our four founding fathers brewed beer because even they didn’t like drinking yellow fizzy stuff.  And they had wooden teeth…
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Is It Fall Yet?


Yea that’s right, I said it.  It’s been 90 degrees for way too long now so it’s time to bring it back to the 60’s.  Calm down Baby Boomers, I meant temperature…  I can only take so much of the beach, the sun screen, and the humidity.  Ahhh there’s nothing like that New Jersey air hitting you when you step out of the shower.  It makes you feel… well… like you need another shower.
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Drink Up! Rejection Tastes Great


At first sip, rejection can taste very bitter; it almost burns a bit.  As you swish it around your mouth, however, you may get a feel for it.  You can pick up different tastes that are present, some which may actually have sweetness to them.  Swallowing it usually is followed by an after taste that has been known to linger; that’s your ego deflating.  But, with that 2nd and 3rd sip, things start to go down much easier don’t they?  Now that you have adjusted to that bitterness, the body responds by accepting it.  Rejection is actually similar to drinking your first IPA…
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The Summer is Still Here

I cant believe it’s August already!  Don’t worry too much though because summer is still upon us.  This week I was able to get another feature on The Healthy Moms Magazine.  Obviously healthy mothers heart HealthLush… Please jump over there and show me some support by dropping a few comments on the article.  This time I give my opinion on shopping seasonally, along with a few suggestions on summer fruits and veggies.  Check it out:  Shopping In Season.

Where’s My Mojo?


I feel like I’ve been in a slump lately.  I’m not sure if I actually HAVE been in a slump, but, I FEEL like I have been.  My eating habits are not as strict as they usually are.  My running hasn’t increased back to the level that I would like it to.  There’s alcohol, late nights, and even personal stressors that affect me.  I’m definitely missing something and this time it’s not my wallet.  It’s more like my MOTIVATION. 
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Your Body is Your Biggest Investment


When I speak to people about eating healthy I tend to get similar questions… “How do you eat so healthy, it’s so damn expensive!”  My answer to this is “yes and no.”  Monetarily yes, you may find certain items to be expensive.  However, I have a question that I would like to ask back to those who feel this way.  How much is your health worth to you?
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Healthy Moms Magazine!!

Hey guys & gals I have some great news to announce today!  My post for this week is actually featured on another blog called “The Healthy Moms Magazine.”  The founder of the site, Cascia Talbert, was nice enough to invite me over there as a guest.  This site is a fantastic source of information for healthy living, fitness, and family … Yes, it sounds way too good for me, I know.

Be sure to get on over there and check it out, drop some comments and let me know what you think!  Here is the link: Healthy Moms Magazine

The Epic Coffee Crawl…


While you were out catching trout with Pop on Sunday morning, I was 4 shots deep by 10:00am… Espresso shots that is.  No, I wasn’t looking to cure a hangover or kick start my heart (cue Motley Crue for opening to this post.)  My eyes twitched, my hands shook, and I may have traveled forward in time at some point.  All of this for the pure love of… umm… journalism?
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How Are You Feeling?

From start ... To finish ...

Over Memorial Day weekend, a good friend of mine by the name of Rick McNulty took off on a journey that he will never forget for the rest of his life.  He decided to RUN the entire length of the state of New Jersey.  He started from the northernmost tip (in the middle of the Delaware River by Port Jervis, NY) and went down to the southernmost tip (the buoy in Cape May, NJ.)  Along the way, he went over the highest point in the state (High Point, NJ.)  Yes, you read that correctly… That would be a trip of 207 miles covered in 4 days on foot.  I informed him that if he documented any of this adventure on paper, I would absolutely love to have it published here on HealthLush.  So, today’s post is a guest post from him, briefly documenting a portion of his adventure that he shared with his family.  These are his thoughts on paper speaking about the struggles, the perseverance needed, and the rewards he earned by completing something so epic.
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