10 Things I Wish Writers Would Stop Writing About

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Every once in a while I like to let out a good rant.  Who am I kidding, I do this constantly but you only hear it occasionally on the site.  Contrary to popular belief, I do a lot of reading.  Since I don’t have the attention span for long books, it mostly consists of internet magazines, blogs, and health sites.  I come across articles that try to “help” people live better lives.  They usually tell us how to change a certain aspect of our lifestyle or how to improve a body part.  There’s even a TON of articles about beer nowadays.  Go figure, we used to drink beer just to get drunk… now we dissect it like a frog in a science class.  Either way, here are a few topics that I’m tired of reading about.  Writers are making money to put these things together and … well… you’re damn right it bothers me a little bit!

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The Struggle is Real

Being healthy is difficult.  Anyone who tells you something different is a fat liar.  Well, if they are so good at being healthy, maybe they are a skinny liar…  When I started this website, I was in amazing shape.  Not just physically, but mentally as well.  I was eating clean and exercising on a daily basis.  The only exercise I’ve been doing lately is getting up from the couch to grab a beer in the kitchen.  And, I’m afraid I might pull something.  I know what you are thinking… I need to put a beer cooler next to the couch.  Efficiency!

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Just a Little Patience…

Hello there Mr. 2015.  You know, I’ve never been one for New Year’s resolutions.  I feel like it shouldn’t take a year’s worth of screw ups to decide that a change is necessary.  But, the New Year always gives us that sense of a fresh start, doesn’t it?  January 1st rolls around and besides having a nasty hangover, you feel like a new day is upon you.

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3 Tips That Will Make You Live Forever

Stop Aging

We love when somebody gives us a list of tips and tricks to succeed don’t we?  We just want it to be laid out in front of us as easily as possible.  No researching, no training, no time wasted on effort.  We’re busy damn it!  We have selfies to take and trending topics to discuss.  Now knowing how I operate, how many of you REALLY thought I was going to give you 3 tips to live forever?  How many clicked on this just to find out…?

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Self-Motivation Is a Bitch

Lazy & Active

Some of you may know that I recently decided to make a HUGE life altering decision.  After seven years of working in a corporate environment, I made the choice to leave my job and pursue other avenues.  A move that not only affects my career, but my life and other’s lives as well.  Writing and speaking to whoever wants to listen (thanks Mike) has become a passion of mine that I would like to follow.  If you were not already aware of this change, well, consider yourself informed.  Now all I ask is that you tell your friends about my fantastic articles… After all, I need to keep a roof over my head.

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A Little Bit of Luck

Lucky Dice

Race lotteries.  You either love them or you hate them.  Picture this… You finally talked yourself into signing up for that run that’s been on your “to do list” for the last two years.  You’re both physically and mentally prepared this time.  After you fill out all of the information and the registration is complete, you receive an email.  It usually reads something along the lines of, “We’ll get back to you in a month with your status – good luck!”  Slowest. Month. Ever.

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