Is Trail Running Becoming Too Commercialized?


There’s something about running on a trail, whether in the woods, mountain, or desert, that can’t be compared to the road.  Maybe it’s the monotonous “out and back” on flat pavement that doesn’t do it for me.  Or, living in an urban city, maybe it’s the smell of gasoline fumes from the cars driving by on the street.  Neither of those exist when I’m on trail.  Actually, as far as I’m concerned, nothing exists but myself and nature when I’m on trail.
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What’s on YOUR plate?

When you sit down for a meal, what’s on your mind?  Are you conscious of what you are eating?  Are you aware of what others around you are eating?  Or, are you too concerned with your Facebook News Feed…?  Being conscious of your food choices can be a first step towards that healthy lifestyle that so many of us strive for but can’t seem to hold on to.  We should take full responsibility for what we put into our bodies every single day.

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There’s Only One Way to Eat an Elephant…

Right now you’re thinking, “Wait a minute, a few weeks ago you were eating vegan, now you’re eating elephants??”  Yes, I pick them up in the butcher section of Whole Foods… I recently had a conversation with a friend who told these exact words to me.  Instantly I was thinking another vegan or healthy eating joke was coming my way… haha, real funny!  But, I was wrong, and I was actually inspired when I understood what he meant.
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Nuts for Peanut Butter!!

P1010593 (2)

So I have a small confession that I would like to make today…*tap tap*… Is this thing on?  My name is Joseph Granat, and I’m an… HA!  I bet you thought I was going to say alcoholic didn’t you?  That’s not funny!  But seriously… I am obsessed with peanut butter.  I keep several jars in the house at all times.  Different companies, different flavors and styles… you name it and there’s a good chance I’ve tried it.  Come with me as I take you on a journey into all things PB!
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The Remedy for Old Man Winter

So is it cold enough for you??  Sorry, I cant stand when people say that to me and I’ve heard it more times than I can count in the last few weeks!  Snow, sleet, rain, ice, curry… wait… what?  Well, what goes better with this frigid weather than some “warm your ass up” spices!?  This week I have something special for you.  I invited a guest to join me here to provide a perfect recipe to keep you roasty and toasty for the rest of Old Man Winter’s chill.  You are going to love the dishes she is whipping together in her kitchen.  So without further adieu…

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Back In The Saddle Again…

photo 1

I remember being a child and falling off my bike (many times actually).  The first thing people would say to me is to get back on the bike again.  That I couldn’t let the bruises and scrapes scare me from riding a bicycle.  And, the only way to conquer your fear is to face them again.  Well, I got back on my “bicycle” this passed Saturday morning.  It’s been over 8 months since I decided to get on trail again.  Even Ricky Bobby was afraid to get back in the race car.  Luckily I didn’t need any mountain lions to scare me back into running…

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Making Big Moves!


How is everybody feeling out there today?  I wanted to drop in and post a really big announcement for me.  Recently I started writing for a website called Get Real Presents.  This is a craft beer focused company that promotes local NYC food and beer events such as tastings, dinners, and festivals.  Naturally, this is right up my alley (…lush.)  These guys are on top of what’s happening in the NYC area so follow them, along with me, as we take over the world!!… Sorry… I mean, as we keep you updated on the hottest events to attend and where to enjoy great company with good food and beer.

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The Vegan Aftermath…


Sooo I bet some of you are wondering if I managed to survive my 7 days of plant based eating.  Did I melt away to nothing?  Did my insides burn from eating too much kale?  Am I weird now because I eat plants?  Hmmm… well I will answer all of your questions today!  Just click that little “keep reading” tab below and let’s get started on new and exciting discoveries!!

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All Aboard The Vegan Bandwagon, Next Stop…A Healthy Life!

Nowadays becoming a vegan is as cool as the other side of the pillow.  Celebrities, athletes and people everywhere are beginning to “go vegan.”  In a way, I actually think this is fantastic.  It sheds light onto a subject that many of us may be in the dark about.  Now that 2014 is officially upon us, I think it’s time that we introduce something new to ourselves and really gain some knowledge on this subject!

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So This is Christmas…


The holiday season is officially in full swing!  Is it me or is this time of year just amazing?  The winter chill comes with a certain aroma in the air that lets us know Christmas is here.  The coffee is flavored, the desserts are decadent, and the beer is spiced.  This is the time of year for spiked eggnog, fireplaces, and good company.

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